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I’m sure that she won’t mind us calling her filthy, because all pornstars are, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing. One thing I have to say about Pornstar Gianna Michaels is that it is almost a shame that she is doing what she’s doing, because this is simply a girl that I would love to keep for myself, she is gorgeous in all ways not only physically, but you should sit down and talk to her like I had the opportunity several months ago at the XBIZ show in Los Angeles. I had a 30 minute interview with her sitting at the bar and while we were sharing drinks, she told me all about how she started in the adult entertainment business and of course many things about her personal life.


Body Details:
Height: 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs (66 kg)
Measurements: 34DD-27-38
Hair: Brown/Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Personal Details:
Age: 31 years OLD
Date of Birth: June 06, 1983
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Birthplace: Seattle, WA USA
Ethnicity: American
Race: Caucasian

Additional info:
Tattoos: Right shoulder blade and 5 pointed star lower back
Piercings: Tongue
Aliases: Gianna Rossi ; Genia; Gianna; Gianna Rossi
Started in 2004 at approx 21 years old

One thing that she told me is that she would never leave the Live Pornstars shows network, simply because she claims it is the best thing that she has ever done since she started doing porn 11 years ago. Today we can classify her as a MILF considering her 32 years of age. But yet she has to have children, it’s a matter of fact that she is not even married yet.

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She is at the prime of her career, so why would she waste any spare time? They say you have to hit it with a hammer when it’s still hot, and that’s exactly what she’s doing, and that’s why she is a part of theHot Pornstars Live network, and is definitely doing an extremely good job. The fact that she is a very famous adult model, has heavily given her a massive bypass, everybody knows who she is, everybody knows how she is when she is doing porn, and therefore you already know what you’re going to get and you know you’re going to get something extremely good.

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There really is no point in adding more to something that is pretty obvious, therefore what I could do right now is let you all know that when you’re at work or when you’re in company of people that really don’t appreciate porn, you can always check out updates and your favorite adult models on a cleaner Models blog that was built for this purpose. There is one also for the Pornstars, but in any case if you are a member of one you are also a member of the other, but at the same time I do find it very cool that they would create a wide diversity of safe for work blogs for their members, and to allow them to have an even better experience.

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Last call for Gianna ‘s if she doesn’t decide about the Live Pornstars offer that she has been given by a specific network, then I don’t think I should be adding any more, all contributions any longer to this blog and I will leave other people, other editors, other contributors that will talk about her in other ways such as, her porn videos that are being promoted on a weekly basis, as she is actually on the role right now and is doing extremely well in paysite and DVD sales. I’m starting to get that she really is into this new trend that everybody is talking about, that everybody is joining up and watching, and every single one of her colleagues are participating in, but it all depends on the person itself that are another five or six extremely famous adult models just like her that have decided not to take this next day and to stay on a more traditional basis.

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Them of you that still have to see with their own minds want Live Webcam Porn is all about, then I invite you to click on one of the contextual links that I have posted in each paragraph, they should be three total in each and every one of them leads to a different page on a different website, and all pages are very significant, they have something of interest, and will help you understand what these websites are more about.

For if you have any friends that have watched Live Porn Shows with real pornstars, then you could simply ask them and I’m ready to guess that if you do have friends that have already watched that you would already know about it because they are definitely bragging about what may have seen and how cool it is. – Gianna Michaels – Live Pornstar Shows Daily

It just gets better and better, I have seen up to date 3 shows of Gianna Michaels on, two were pre-shows as they call them and they’re the shows that its her doing a solo, getting all nasty and wet with her big dildo’s and vibrators, then there is a thind show, where she takes the real thing, she gets fucked by a man and not a rubber tube 🙂

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However, it’s not just Gianna that is doing these Live Porn Movies and you already know that as we talked about this about a month ago in a past blog post when I actually introduced the program to you all. However I got to see Phoenix Marie and Lexi Belle team up on this dude that it looked like he had a third leg cut off at the knee LOL, that was a great show and at this point I was wondering if Gianna will be going to do by any chance a FFM live porno or not. I need to check this out as it could be pretty interesting to see with who she will be sharing that cock with. I’m pretty much sure that if she ever stars in a FFM porno, she’ll have next to her another super pornstar that is just as loved and famous as her.

Once again, if you still have to experience what everyone is calling Live Pornstar sex, then feel free to, pass your mouse over the links I’ve porvided and double click, or simply click on the image and a seperate window will open and you’ll get to see what I’m talking about.

Live pornstar Gianna Michaels staring in more webcam porn

A few shots from Gianna’s latestLive Pornstars sex show that she gave over at a network called and that she is striving at, she is one of the major and most loved porn stars on that website. How do I know? , Well let’s put it this way, I watched her latest show, and as you can see at the early stages of the show I took some photographs, and I have to say when that guy walked in and started to find her hard, no one and I repeat no one as of today has ever taken cock the way she has and done it so well that even I after all these years of editing porn stars, and porn sites I actually got a Boner and stopped to watch her all the way, absolutely incredible, I bet that’s her coworkers, all but is still let’s call them her colleagues are a little jealous of her statistics and how many followers she has right now at but also over at

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As of today I have seen at least 30 if not more Live Porn Videos and each and every one has been of a different porn star, so therefore I have seen at least 30 different porn stars getting fucked on live WebCam, so when I say that she has been the best so far, that is definitely an achievement for her but at the same time it just shows how good this girl is if she can overwhelm any of her colleagues the way that she is doing right now, simply if you look at the statistics she is way ahead in favorites, way ahead as in viewers per show so it must be something that’s telling me she is really good at what she does right?

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She will be back next week with another live Pornstars Videos performance, and I have been told that she will not be alone taking cock, that there will be a another porn star side-by-side with her in this FFM live porn movie, so she has given me once again something to look forward to, and in the meanwhile I will watch a lot more of the others and see if I can find someone else that is up to her standards, or maybe even better than her who knows.

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I was totally overwhelmed when I found out that my favorite Pornstar Gianna Michaels was now doing live porn videos, in other words she is having sex with a male porn star just like she would if she was making a porn video, those porn videos that end up on DVD or on porn tubes such as or any other large porn tube there is out there on the Internet today, with the only thing that instead of video cameras they are using WebCams, that’s right, they are streaming the porn over the Internet live as it actually happens.

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This is an amazing new concept that this network called has put together, in other words it’s Pornstars Live Webcams all day and all night! They have several live shows featuring porn stars having sex on a daily basis, but they also have a massive archive of thousands of past shows yet again of hundreds of different porn stars, but these are not the usual porn videos, these are the actual live shows that you may have lost, but they have put in this archive for you to watch at your convenience when ever you feel best.

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Sucking Cock In Handcuffs

Gianna Michaels was in love… And she would do anything for Simon… She was ready!

It all started off with a sexy kiss and a pair of hand cuffs…

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First Gianna Michaels had to suck off his huge throbbing cock – that was a bit of a challenge for her being as she was in handcuffs!

Gianna Michaels bent over with her titties hanging down, she sucked him right off!

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Thr more Gianna Michaels sucked him off the hornier it made her and she knew she had to get fucked… Usually she likes to be fucked doggie style, but she was already on the edge of having a massive orgasm – she she took his cock with her legs up in the air just how he liked it!

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